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Welcome to The Stony Brook School’s website.  Here, you will learn about all we have to offer as a Christian boarding and day school for 7th to 12th grade students.

But before you begin looking around, I would like to offer a summary of the three things that make us unlike any other school in the world: Our purpose, our people, and our place.

Our Purpose
For nearly 100 years, The Stony Brook School has been putting character before career. This is another way of acknowledging that we are human beingsand not human doings.  We recognize that career is important; our graduates regularly gain acceptance to the most selective colleges and universities in the world, and they are significantly impacting their communities through their giftedness.  That said, we believe that our achievements only speak to one facet of who we are.  

The Stony Brook education is designed to help students flourish, which means to be in a period of highest productivity, excellence, or influence.  We believe this flourishing comes through careful attention to character, which a wise person once defined as “who you are when no one is looking.”  At The Stony Brook School, we are not afraid to ask our students big questions: Who are you?  What do you care about most?  What is your purpose in this world?  We believe the answers to these questions help shape character and give students the confidence to become all that they were designed to be.
In short, we give our students the space, the opportunity, and the support to explore life’s big questions, while also helping them to fulfill the demands of their rigorous academic course of study.  We are able to do this only because of the quality and depth of our faculty.

Our People
Our faculty comprises master teachers, coaches, and mentors. Their experience is routinely sought after by other schools to train their teachers how to teach.  In addition to their degrees and expertise, what is most compelling about our teachers is the extent to which they care for their students.  SBS teachers make themselves available to their students above and beyond the constraints of the school day, and are dedicated to their students’ success.  They are mentors, role models, and the kind of people who genuinely want to spend time with young adults.  

Our Place
Any discussion of The Stony Brook School needs to include its location. Situated near the center of Long Island’s picturesque north shore, we are one mile from the beach and one hour from New York City.  Our program takes full advantage of these geographic opportunities, whether it be through our marine science classes, our highly-competitive sailing team, or our frequent field trips to the city.

Reading about our School is one thing, but there is no substitute for coming for a campus visit.  We trust that once here you will see for yourself the unique combination of purpose, people and place, and believe that you, too, can flourish at The Stony Brook School.  We look forward to welcoming you.

Best regards,

Joshua Crane
Head of School
    • Joshua Crane, Head of School

The Stony Brook School

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A Christian, co-ed, college preparatory boarding and day school for 7-12th grade students