College Counseling

The Stony Brook School offers a comprehensive four-year college counseling program.

The college counseling program at The Stony Brook School seeks to go beyond the standard goals of college guidance: to help students research, identify, apply to, and gain admission to the school that will best meet their needs, nurture their talents and passions, and challenge them.  It takes a holistic view of the college process and sees it as a time when students can both discover themselves and develop the necessary skills to  navigate the process successfully. The development of the student is a vital component of the program, as we enable students to gain self-insight, equip them with relevant and current information and help them to develop initiative in taking ownership of the process. The goal is to enable students to find the best fit school for them.

The program exists to empower students to make informed decisions, to advocate effectively for themselves, and use strong organizational skills throughout the process by following a schedule and meeting deadlines.  The college counselors will act as coaches by providing timely information, counseling, and support to help each student in the process.

The program is based on three tenets:  

We believe that each student is unique.  Our mission is to help students know themselves in and beyond the classroom.  This is accomplished through individual and group meetings, online personality and learning style assessments, and constant interaction with students in the context of boarding school life.

Parents and students will receive current and timely information about the college application process.  We believe knowledge is power.  We want to empower students to move through the process with confidence.

Ultimately, the college application process belongs to the student.  Although parents and counselors can be great sources of support along the way, we want to encourage students to take control of their college application process in order to make the best decision for themselves.

An Overview of the College Counseling Program by Grade

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  • 10th Grade Overall Goal: Increasing College Awareness

    The focus of 10th grade will be on student development and self-awareness. Students will be encouraged to challenge themselves appropriately in their studies, identify their strengths, develop as leaders and continue to be involved in extracurricular activities.  
    • Students will meet to discuss college readiness, personal goals, standardized testing
    • They will receive on-going course-selection guidance
    • All sophomores will take the PSAT in October
    • Students will finish all personal inventories on SCOIR, add to their resumes and continue researching colleges
  • 11th Grade Overall Goal: College Preparation

    The focus of 11th grade will be on preparation for the college application process.  All juniors will meet with the college counselor in a collaborative effort to assess their academic achievement and potential, interests, strengths and areas of growth, and other factors important to the college process.  Students will also be advised about standardized testing and take all required tests. 
    • Junior course selection is reviewed by Mrs. Loo.
    • All juniors will meet at least once with Mrs. Loo during the second semester to begin discussing college choices.
    • All 11th grade students will take the PSAT exam in October.
    • Juniors will attend visits by college representatives to the Stony Brook School; a minimum of five is required.
    • Juniors take SAT or ACT in the spring.  
    • Students will attend Junior College Night in the spring.
  • 12th Grade Overall Goal: Applying to Colleges and Making Final College Decisions

    The focus of 12th grade will be to finalize college lists, finish all standardized testing and prepare college applications.  Students will also be advised as they make final college decisions. 
    • Senior course selections are reviewed by Mrs. Loo.
    • Continued one-on-one counseling during the senior year to review college applications and to ensure informed, strategic decision-making.
    • Senior will meet with Mrs. Loo to finalize their lists and establish a schedule for submitting applications.  All applications are reviewed by the College Counselor prior to the students’ submissions.
    • Any remaining standardized testing is completed in the fall.
    • Students are informed about financial aid, scholarship opportunities and athletic recruitment.  Most applications are submitted by either November or January and decisions are received by mid-April.
    • Mrs. Loo will assist students as they make their final commitment to attend a college by May 1.

Meet the Counseling Team

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  • Photo of Christine Loo

    Mrs. Christine Loo 

    Co-Director of College Counseling
    631-751-1800 x541
  • Photo of Erik Johnson

    Mr. Erik Johnson 

    Co-Director of College Counseling
  • Photo of Juana Weinreb

    Juana Weinreb 

    College Counseling admin
    631-751-1800 x13555
  • Photo of Stacey Lingle

    Stacey Lingle 

    Assistant Director of College Counseling

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