Learning at the Brook

Big Questions Curriculum

Our curriculum has all of the important aspects of a 21st Century education.  We offer all of the disciplines (Math, Science, English, History, Foreign Language and a whole lot more) that you need for a solid foundation. We echo Steve Jobs when he said, “Technology alone is not enough—it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that makes our hearts sing."  Our Liberal Arts approach gives our students the tools they need to analyze, to synthesize, to compare to contrast - to see any problem through multiple lenses or just one if that is what the situation calls for. We help our students make connections across disciplines through an interdisciplinary approach that combines literature, history and religion.  Our humanities curriculum has been exported across the world for its innovative, scholarly and comprehensive approach.

We also believe in the power of technology and the remarkable creativity that it provides to young people.  Our Innovation Lab is a place where students can work on an idea from concept to reality; use 3-D modeling to create something that no one has ever thought of before; write the code that will form the basis for the next Facebook; build drones and robots that will improve how we function as a civilization.  These are big goals to be sure, but we believe in our students and give them the space and the framework to create and innovate beyond what most people think they could accomplish.

Perhaps the most important thing we do in our approach however, is to ask big questions like   What is your purpose in life?  How are you going to impact the world?  Who is God?  What is He like?  What is the good life?  You see, unlike many schools, we are not afraid to ask these questions and give students space and opportunity to wrestle with them.  Our curriculum asks big questions and expects students to work through them at their own pace.  We look for our students to develop their own answers to these questions because the answers to these questions will organize how we live the rest of our lives and they should not be neglected from the educational process.

Our graduates routinely tell us how grateful they are for this aspect of their Stony Brook experience.  They appreciate that we did not tell what to think, but taught them how to think and gave them the space to do so.

The Stony Brook School

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A Christian, co-ed, college preparatory boarding and day school for 7-12th grade students