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The Stony Brook School strives to teach students to be successful independent learners and self-advocates during their time at Stony Brook, throughout their college experience, and beyond. We encourage students to proactively seek the resources available to them, such as extra help sessions with teachers and peer tutoring.  However, if additional support is needed, the Learning Services Department offers Academic Coaching and Learning Support programs.  

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is offered to students who seek to maximize their learning potential.  This short-term support program is designed to teach students to “learn how to learn” using researched and proven learning strategies applied across the curriculum. Academic Coaching can target any area of the learning process depending on student need, including organization, time management, study skills, test-taking skills, note-taking skills, reading comprehension, writing, and self-advocacy. Academic Coaching is not subject tutoring.  However, the student may specify courses to focus on during Academic Coaching sessions, and he/she will learn and practice the strategies while gaining a deeper understanding of the designated subject area(s).  Students meet with a learning specialist 1-2x per week for a designated period of time, from as little as 5 weeks or up to a full semester.  Contact the Director of Learning Services for pricing.

Learning Support

Learning Support is offered to students with documented disabilities that impact learning. Taking into consideration each student’s unique learning profile, Learning Support offers cross-curricular support to improve the student’s ability to implement strategies and manage his/her academics independently. Using course content, students develop skills in areas such as: organization, time management, study skills, test-taking skills, note-taking skills, reading comprehension, writing, and self-advocacy.  Each student is assigned a learning specialist who works with him/her for the entire academic year. The learning specialist helps each student develop individualized, specific, and measurable learning goals, and a progress report is sent home quarterly.  The learning specialist also meets with the student’s teachers to collaborate on best practices for student success and to provide the student with appropriate support and accommodation. Contact the Director of Learning Services for pricing.  

Academic Accommodations and Formal Education Plans

Students with disabilities that impact learning are encouraged to speak with Margaret Moreno regarding classroom and testing accommodations and/or the Learning Support program.

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    Margaret Morena 

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