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When you think about your work future, will you be working with people who look and think exactly like you?  Probably not.  In fact you will likely be working with, studying with, selling products to, coding with, practicing medicine on people who are located all over the world.  How will you interact?  The future will belong to those who have the ability to successfully connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds.  At Stony Brook, you will constantly be spending time with and learning from peers from around the world.  Your roommate may be Asian, your lab partner African, your teammate European, your work job captain Jamaican and your best friend South American.  

The School facilitates trips to different parts of the world so that you might increase your awareness of other cultures.  In recent years students have traveled to China, Korea, Eastern Europe, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cuba and Costa Rica.  But being a global citizen is more than just travel and awareness of other cultures- it involves thinking about the big problems that face our planet.  Our annual STEAM competition asks students to think about the big problems that are facing our world and asks them be part of the solution.  Through funding from a national foundation, each year we will award the team of Stony Brook students who come up with the best solution to a global problem award money to help them implement the proposed solution.  This way students don’t just think about world problems in the abstract; they actually do something about them.   

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