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Honor Code

Shared values and basic moral principles are essential in a community of people living and working together. The Stony Brook School has adopted an Honor Code which emphasizes honesty and integrity, as well as the virtues of respect, responsibility, and servanthood. Students promise not to lie, intentionally deceive, cheat, or steal. By daily upholding this code, they contribute to an atmosphere of trust among the members of the School community.
Our Honor Code reinforces the utmost importance of:
  • Respect for one's own person
  • Respect for other people in the community, and
  • Respect for the property of the school and the property of others.
Through an established student-led Honor Council, lead by the Head Prefect, clear accountability occurs between Honor Code violators and the student leadership at SBS. Disciplinary action is recommended to the Head of School by the Honor Council and the Directors of the Upper and Middle Schools. We believe that the purpose of discipline is accountability with the intent of changing behavior.

The Stony Brook School

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