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The focus of the Student Leadership Program at The Stony Brook School is servant leadership.  The program exists not only for the benefit of the individual student leaders, but for the community at large. Our leaders develop practical tools, language, awareness, experience and skills through serving one another and our surrounding community and world.
We see these years of leadership training as having the following four purposes:
  1. For the student to discover the joy found in serving others
  2. For the student to gain experience in leading and to unfold personal leadership gifts
  3. For the faculty to see those leadership gifts in action
  4. For the student to show the school and themselves where their passions lie
We encourage our students to get involved in various levels of leadership from 8th grade onward. Most positions are appointed after an extensive application, interview, and selection process. Some of the positions are only available to junior and senior students.

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  • Committees and Councils

    Students are invited to apply to become committee/council heads or members to serve in the areas of admissions, yearbook, dining, chapel, the arts, prom, community service, international club, and class and dorm councils, among others. 
  • Honor Board

    The Middle School has an Honor Board consisting of selected 8th and 9th grade students, which is overseen by the Head of the Middle School.  The Upper School has an Honor Board consisting of elected 11th and 12th grade students that is overseen by the Director of Student Life.  Students who have been reported as violating the Honor Code (by lying, cheating, stealing or intending to deceive) will sit before the appropriate Board.  The student may bring with him/her an adult advocate who can speak about their character.  After hearing the case and asking questions, the Board deliberates and gives their recommendation of “violation” or “no violation” to the adult overseer.  That adult brings the Board’s recommendation to the Assistant Headmaster and/or Headmaster, who considers the case and makes the final decision.
  • Prefects

    When students reach the spring of their junior year, they are invited to apply for one of the school’s top leadership committees, known as the Prefect Board. Each of the 15 Senior Prefects head up a committee of students as well as serve on the Prefect Board as a whole. Prefect positions are given to those fifteen students who strongly exemplify the school’s servant leadership motto, embody the school’s mission and purpose and have shown strong gifts of leadership in their time serving on various committees on campus.
  • Workjobs

    Just as in a family, because we are a community that lives and works together, we all have a part in making The Stony Brook School work. For this reason, every student is assigned a workjob (a chore) every year. From working in the kitchen to sorting the mail to vacuuming the library carpet--every student has a job.
    New and returning students receive their workjob assignment as well as instructions on how to complete that workjob during orientation. Each student holds the same workjob throughout the school year, and at the conclusion of that year, each student can apply to be a leader in their workjob area, or to be assigned another workjob for the following year.

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